Our Success Journey
We believe that there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs to reach the highest. Everything we do is tailored to your business and growth objectives. Combine that with a data driven approach and the results speak for themselves.
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    Nov, 2014
    Foundation of the Company

    With the vision to become the leader in eCommerce and Digital Marketing Services, we started Purple Cow in a small room with 3 team members. The first step taken by Purple Cow is now leading the US market for 360° eCommerce solutions.

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    Sep, 2015
    New Office & Big Vision

    With our hard work and customer-centric business solutions, to increase our client list and to fulfill the deliverables we shifted to a big new office with lots of dreams and hopes. Started growing team - hired experienced professionals to provide quality services and eCommercesolutions to our clients. 

  3. May, 2016
    Growing Faster - PVT. LTD.

    MUB IT Services Pvt. Ltd. - With the increasing number of clients, we started the new office in the US with a new Brand - MUB IT Services Pvt. Ltd. MUB is taking care of all USA sales and coordinate with India office for the project deliverables. 

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    Oct, 2016
    USA Incorporation

    MUB Services incorporated with the USA to provide better solutions for eCommerce & Digital Marketing.

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    Apr, 2018
    2X Team

    With have grown our team to provide better results to our clients. Hired experienced talent to grow our community and offer the wide range of eCommerce solutions.

We Create Value

Everything we do is tailored to our client's business and growth objectives. Combine that with a data driven approach and the results speak for themselves.
We Optimize Business Processes
Businesses we work with typically grow at a rate of no less than 40% in their first year. We are the best fit for your business to become marketing partner.
Result Oriented
We deliver exceptionally high ROI to our partners. We build businesses from simple ideas and go further than any other agency does, or perhaps even can.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build creative, innovative and stable eCommerce Solution and add significant value to our Clientele's Business


a BIG thanks to everyone who contributed to our growth

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