Google adwords case study

Google AdWords

This client sell handcrafted artfully designed footwear and handbags across the globe. Has pioneered the art of converting wearable art into functional accessories. They build unique hand-made and hand-painted products by training local villagers and unemployed youth in the art of painting on leather. They wanted to connect the artisan with the consumer and tell stories through original art and flawless accessories.

Result Achieved by Our Team


Increase in ROAS


Increase in User Session


Increase in Sales


The client, when running Google Adwords campaigns in high competition category, staying under budget and on-target for cost per acquisition was not easy. They wanted to build a brand as well as increase the sales at the lowest possible cost.


Our digital marketing team analyzed entire campaign to find out the reasons for increased Campaign cost and low conversion issues. Since beginning to manage their account, cost per acquisition has dropped every month, allowing for increased traffic and conversions within their budget.

Our approach to keywords (start broad, review, then narrow) has been incredibly successful for them. Identifying the sets of keywords at each location that are most likely to turn into a potential customer makes the experience for all parties better. Ultimately, our client is benefiting from having highly targeted advertising because we have made sure that the people who see ads will also buy the product from the store.

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