Magento Store Redesigning Case Study

Magento Development

Our client is based out of Russia, sells fine shoes and accessories embody a passion for the modern Italian style of life in Italy, Spain, Russia, and China.

Result Achieved by Our Team


Increase in Customer Engagement


Increased Sales


Decrease in Operational Cost


The client came to us with a highly customized website requirement. They wanted Design Refresh, brand refresh & change eCommerce Platform as they needed a very dynamic website. Carlo Pazolini ran a custom ERP and warehouse integration system that segregated data between stores and made it difficult to share information across channels. They were also looking for a module which helps them to engage their customers with custom personalized content marketing.


Since we started the project, we had moved them away from a rigid, inflexible proprietary system to a Magento-based platform that gave it an added layer of flexibility and better integration with backend systems. We helped the client website migrate over to Simparel – an ERP system specifically designed for soft goods industries such as footwear and apparel- and was able to configure the system to unify data across the entire client ecosystem.

We also supported the client with Bronto to help easily ramp up their newsletters and marketing content integrated Pinterest sharing into the e-commerce system, creating an added layer of social sharing. We reflected at the opportunity by offering creative and integrated over all Solution making doing business more fun.

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