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We know how to scale businesses on Amazon for years with strategic business plans, insights, and actionable steps. Purple Cow manages your catalogs, optimizes your 1P relationship, and fosters a productive partnership with Amazon. Our Amazon Vendor Central (1P) services help you with detailed reports and analytics for your products to have a cakewalk with improved sales on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

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Drive sales strategy, and maintain a healthy account to grow on Amazon. Purple Cow provides a complete range of operational support for you to see exponential results on the giant online marketplace. We support demand planning and forecasting of inventory, provide active advice in labeling, chargebacks, and account management, and negotiate with Amazon for your products to get the best price and profits.

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Make the best use of the Amazon marketplace with clear and concise reports on sales and inventory. Purple Cow’s Amazon Vendor Central Reports help you clearly track the data points and metrics. You can trace the customer behavior pattern through our robust reporting tools that provide search term reports, repeat purchase behavior, market basket analysis reports, and alternate purchase reports, including insights on demographic and geographic sales.

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Gain more control over your brand on the Amazon marketplace with Purple Cow’s Daily Account Management Services. We provide tailored customer service and protection as per your specific needs. Our dedicated team regularly reviews your shipments, orders, returns, invoices, new chargebacks, case logs, and existing disputes. Moreover, Purple Cow performs many recurring activities, including weekly and monthly tasks, to keep your vendor central account in optimal health.

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Understand Amazon’s A9 algorithm deeply to drive more traffic to your listings. Purple Cow, as a leading eCommerce and digital advertising agency, knows how to place your products’ visibility high to get more conversions. Our team, with hands-on experience in keyword, category, and product research, the brand registry process, and generating A+ content, will help you grow indefinitely on Amazon.

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Achieve category dominance on Amazon and boost ROAS by making Purple Cow your complete 1P fulfilment partner. Our comprehensive vendor central services include advertising and promotional management as well. Focusing on cutting down the CPC spending and increasing traffic, our team’s high-level expertise coupled with advertising and marketing strategy reap rich results on the global marketplace giant.


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FAQs // Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply to become a vendor on Amazon Vendor Central by submitting an application on the Amazon Services website. Amazon will review your application and determine if you meet the qualifications to become a vendor.

Vendors are responsible for paying Amazon a referral fee, which is a percentage of the sale price, as well as any additional fees such as shipping and handling, and long-term storage fees for products that are stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Yes, you can sell your products on other online platforms while using Amazon Vendor Central, however, you will need to ensure that you are able to meet Amazon’s purchase order requirements and adhere to their terms of service.

Amazon handles product returns and refunds on behalf of vendors through their A-to-z Guarantee program. If a customer initiates a return or refund request, Amazon will investigate the claim and make a decision on whether to issue a refund or return. Vendors are responsible for providing replacement or refund for any products that do not meet Amazon’s policies or customer’s expectations.

Vendors on Amazon Vendor Central set their own prices for their products, but they must adhere to Amazon’s pricing guidelines and maintain competitive pricing. Amazon may adjust prices in certain circumstances, such as to match a lower price offered by another seller.

Amazon provides vendors with tools to manage their inventory levels, including the ability to view current inventory levels, view sales data, and set automatic reorder points. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that they have enough inventory to fulfill purchase orders from Amazon.

Amazon pays vendors on a net-30 or net-60 basis, meaning vendors will receive payment for their products 30 or 60 days after the customer receives them. Vendors must also provide Amazon with valid banking information to receive payments.

Vendors can create and manage their own advertising campaigns on Amazon through the Vendor Central platform, including sponsored product ads, sponsored brand ads, and sponsored display ads. Amazon also offers vendors the ability to run promotions and discounts on their products.

Amazon handles customer service for vendors on Vendor Central, including responding to customer inquiries and complaints. Vendors can view customer feedback and ratings on their products, and can use that information to improve their products and customer service. Vendors are responsible for ensuring that their products meet Amazon’s customer service policy.

We handle Amazon Vendor Central promotions and discounts by developing and implementing effective promotions and discounts to drive sales and increase visibility.