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360° eCommerce Customer Support

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer support for e-commerce businesses. Purple Cow’s 360° eCommerce Customer Support is truly one-of-a-kind, encompassing every aspect of customer support your online store could need. From expertly answering customer queries and swiftly resolving technical issues, to efficiently managing returns, our team of experienced professionals will craft a strategy tailored to your specific requirements. If you’re looking for a reliable partner to take your customer support to the next level, we’re the perfect choice for you.

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Achieve outstanding results with Purple Cow’s cutting-edge 360° eCommerce Operations Support. Our team of experts goes the extra mile, flawlessly handling everything from order fulfillment and RMA, to shipping logistics and warehouse management. We’ll create a personalized merchandising strategy tailored to your unique business needs. Join forces with us for an unrivaled, profitable e-commerce journey that will truly take your sales to the next level.

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Ensure your e-commerce business runs smoothly with Purple Cow’s 360° eCommerce Technical Support. Our team of experts provides expert assistance with technical issues, troubleshooting, and maintenance. We’ll proactively monitor your systems to prevent issues before they occur and craft a unique support plan that is tailor-made for businesses that want to win big. Trust us to make sure that your eCommerce store is running at top efficiency, all day, every day.

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Improve conversions, retention, and referrals by providing a superior customer experience. Purple Cow’s eCommerce support services offer the level of help that meets the expectations of your customers. Our well-trained and devoted eCommerce support specialists hand holds your customers in solving their issues with quick response and unmatched resolution TAT.

Customer Centric Approach

More than simply raising tickets, demonstrate human touch when resolving customer issues to gain long-lasting trust. Knowing the customers better, Purple Cow’s customer support agents make every customer feel special by serving them via their preferred communication channels with a personalized approach. Besides, we also empower customers to make the right purchases with expert advice.

eCommerce Abandoned Cart Support

Tackle shopping cart abandonment smartly at the right time to resurrect your business. Our experts keep track of the customers who abandoned the carts through various tools and encourage them to complete the purchase through reminders via various channels, including emails and SMS. Use Purple Cow’s cart abandonment support services to sort out every issue that steals your customers.

Responsive Search Ads(RSAs)

Resolve customers’ grievances in no time with AI powered automation support and skyrocket your online store’s growth. Our smart helpdesk automates live chat, SMS, voice, IVR and several other services to keep your loyal customers find timely solutions. Purple Cow’s automated eCommerce support empowers you to stand out from the crowd by providing a centralized system and dashboard for better ticket management.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

Make a difference to your eCommerce business with authentic reviews. Purple Cow supports you in generating feedback from customers in smarter ways through data-driven tools that inspire conversions and sales. Our eCommerce support services capture customer insights as well as showcase their experiences through customer photos and videos to build your brand’s value and trust.

Display Ads

Future-proof your eCommerce business with Purple Cow’s customer service integrations. Our seamless marketplace integrations help you provide personalized experiences on eCommerce giants like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Etsy, eBay, and more. Add products to product listings, map product categories, manage incoming orders, and pull customers’ purchase history to effortlessly sell your products.


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“As a mid-level company, we wanted to take our business to the next level & engaged Purple Cow to manage the digital marketing campaign. We have been particularly impressed with how they perfectly understood our business & its target audiences. The response we got after availing their SEO & PPC Services has been tremendous. We highly recommend Purple Cow for their professional & personalized approach that suits client’s requirements.”

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“Having struggled for years paying crazy Amazon Marketing fees to people who didn’t know what they were doing. It was an amazing blessing to find someone who not only knew what they were doing but who charged a fair price. I will never leave Purple Cow, every person I have dealt with there have been top notch human beings who I now count as friends. I wish you the success you have helped us achieve.”

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FAQs // Frequently Asked Questions

Purple Cow eCommerce support is a service offered by Purple Cow (Professional Computer and Internet Services) that provides ongoing support and maintenance for eCommerce businesses.

Purple Cow offers a range of eCommerce support services, including website maintenance, technical support, and content updates.

Purple Cow eCommerce support works by providing a dedicated team of professionals who are available to help you with any issues or needs that may arise with your eCommerce website or online store. This may include troubleshooting technical issues, updating content, or providing general support and guidance.

The cost of Purple Cow eCommerce support will vary depending on the level of support you require. Purple Cow will provide a quote based on your specific needs and budget.

You can access Purple Cow eCommerce support through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and online chat.

Purple Cow eCommerce support is generally not available 24/7, but the team is available during regular business hours and can be reached in case of emergencies.

Yes, Purple Cow eCommerce support can help you with website updates and maintenance as needed. This may include adding or updating products, making design changes, or implementing security updates.

Yes, Purple Cow eCommerce support can help you troubleshoot technical issues that may arise with your eCommerce website or online store.

Yes, Purple Cow eCommerce support offers a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty on its services.

Yes, Purple Cow can provide examples of eCommerce websites it has provided support for upon request.