Published On: May 27, 2023
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As a manufacturer or brand owner, maintaining consistent pricing for your products is critical for protecting your brand's value, reputation, and relationships with retailers. To achieve this, many brands implement Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies, which set a minimum price that retailers can advertise their products for.

However, MAP violations are not uncommon, and repeat offenders can damage a brand’s integrity and reputation.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to track repeat MAP offenders, prevent MAP violations, and maintain brand integrity.

What Are MAP Violations?

A MAP violation occurs when a retailer advertises a product below the minimum advertised price set by the manufacturer or brand owner. MAP violations can happen intentionally or unintentionally. For example, a retailer may discount a product to clear out inventory or gain an edge over competitors.

Why Are MAP Violations a Problem?

MAP violations can have several negative consequences for a brand or manufacturer, including:

Loss of Control Over Pricing: MAP violations can result in retailers selling a product at a lower price, eroding the brand’s perceived value.

Damage to Brand Reputation: Inconsistent pricing can harm a brand’s reputation and image, leading customers to perceive the product as low-quality or cheap.

Strained Retailer Relationships: MAP violations can lead to strained relationships with retailers who are adhering to the policy, as they may feel that their efforts to comply are going unnoticed.

How to Prevent MAP Violations?

Preventing MAP violations requires a proactive approach that includes the following steps:

Develop a Clear MAP Policy: Create a clear and concise MAP policy that outlines the minimum advertised price for your products. Ensure that the policy is communicated to all retailers, both existing and new, through contracts and other means.

Monitor Retailer Compliance: Use automated tools to monitor your product listings on different channels and detect any MAP violations. Regularly check your product listings on various marketplaces to ensure that all retailers are complying with your MAP policy.

Enforce the MAP Policy: Once a MAP violation has been detected, take action immediately. Send a warning to the retailer and request that they adjust the price. If the retailer refuses to comply, consider withholding inventory or terminating the retailer’s account.

Utilize Amazon’s Brand Registry: Enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry program provides brand owners with access to more resources and tools to help enforce their MAP policy. With Brand Registry, brand owners can report violations directly to Amazon and request that they take action against the seller.

Work with an Expert: If you are struggling to enforce your MAP policy, consider working with an expert in MAP compliance. They can help you develop an effective strategy and navigate any legal issues that may arise.

How to Track Repeat Offenders?

To track repeat MAP offenders, you need to:

Identify Repeat Offenders: Keep track of all MAP violations, and identify any retailers who have repeatedly violated the policy.

Take Action Against Repeat Offenders: Once you have identified repeat offenders, take immediate action. This could include withholding inventory or terminating the retailer’s account.

Analyze Data and Trends: Use data analytics to identify trends in MAP violations. Analyzing data will help you determine which products or retailers are most commonly violating your MAP policy.

Implement Preventative Measures: Use the insights gained from data analytics to implement preventative measures. For example, you may want to increase monitoring of specific retailers or products.

Maintaining Brand Integrity

Maintaining brand integrity requires ongoing efforts to prevent MAP violations and track repeat offenders. Here are some best practices to help maintain brand integrity:

Be Consistent: Ensure that all retailers adhere to your MAP policy and that there is consistency in pricing across all channels and markets.

Communicate Effectively: Keep your retailers informed about your MAP policy, and communicate any updates or changes in a timely and clear manner. This will help to build trust and foster strong relationships with your retailers.

Enforce Your Policy: To maintain brand integrity, it is essential to enforce your MAP policy consistently and fairly. This will send a clear message to retailers that you are serious about protecting your brand’s value and reputation.

Stay Up-to-Date: MAP violations can evolve and change over time. To stay ahead of the game, it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in the market.


MAP violations can harm a brand’s reputation, erode its perceived value, and damage relationships with retailers. However, by implementing a clear MAP policy, monitoring compliance, enforcing the policy, tracking repeat offenders, and maintaining brand integrity, manufacturers and brand owners can protect their brand’s value and reputation. With the right tools and strategies in place, preventing MAP violations can be a proactive and ongoing effort that helps to ensure long-term success for your brand.

Don’t let MAP violations damage your brand’s reputation! Maintaining consistent pricing for your products is critical for protecting your brand’s value and relationships with retailers. Purple Cow’s MAP enforcement services offer a proactive approach to tracking repeat offenders. We proactively prevent MAP violations, and maintain brand integrity. With automated tools to monitor your product listings on different channels, we help you enforce your MAP policy. Moreover, we also help you take immediate action against repeat offenders. Our data analytics provide insights to implement preventative measures, helping you stay ahead of the game. Protect your brand’s value and reputation by working with us today!

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