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Google PPC/CPC Advertising

Create experiences and evoke emotional responses like never before with innovative stories about your product or brand with Facebook Video Ads. Facebook Advertising empowers your eCommerce store, product, or brand to reach more audience. But it is highly competitive. Our Facebook Video Advertising services optimize your videos to capture immediate attention, improve ad engagement, increase brand awareness, and drive more conversions.

We also focus on making your video ads most appealing to mobile viewers as more than 50% of Facebook’s video ads are watched on mobile devices. Our hands-on experience, skill sets, tools, and strategies will engage even those audiences who have shorter attention span than a goldfish.

Introduce your brand and tell us your objectives. We let the videos speak your brand language and reach your marketing goals of awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Google PPC/CPC Advertising

Showcase your brand personality to a wide range of people with captivating Facebook Photo Ads in their feeds. We as a full-funnel Facebook advertising agency, help your product generate the interest of prospects on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger based on location, age, gender, demographics, interests, behavior, and language.

PCIS Facebook Photo Ads services compel the customers to follow your page or purchase your products with clear and crisp ad copy focusing on your brand message. We test different ad variations, use Facebook’s tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI), track your campaign performance, and assist you in obtaining positive product reviews to reap the full benefits of Facebook ads for your eCommerce store, product or service regardless of the niche.

Display Network Campaigns

Leave a lasting impression with images, display text, motion and sound effects with Facebook’s Slideshow Ads that rivals a video. Creating slideshow ads may be easy using Facebook’s creative options and tools. But you should have a strategy to make that significant impact on your potential customers while you unveil your brand’s USP through images, sequences and steps.

Our Facebook Ads experts chalk out a unique storyboard maintaining brand consistency and relevance. Using the images, motion and sound effects, and display text, we produce the effect that rivals a video.

Responsive Search Ads(RSAs)

Highlight wide range of your products or tell an in-depth story of a product, service or promotion using multiple images or videos with Facebook Carousel Ads. Studies show that Carousel Ads get you 10X more returns compared to a normal ad. As a leading eCommerce solutions agency, PCIS lets you utilize the creative space of the Facebook optimally to ensure success for your business. We use high-quality images, visual cues that never miss a glance, great copy to stand out from the clutter, strategic CTAs that spike intent and order the cards as per engagement.

Take advantage of our out of the box approach and get higher return on ad spends with more conversions.

Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

Mesmerize the audience, grab their attention instantly and immerse them in appealing videos, photos, carousels, or catalogs of your business with the mobile-optimized ads from Meta. Whether it is brand awareness, reach, views, app downloads, conversions, or sales, PCIS Instant Experience Ads services engage your target audience with your product deeply. Right from choosing the template that aligns with your business goals, we create a rattling impact at the start with fascinating combination of photos and videos. We highlight your message early, and custom target audience to get conversions and help your business for the long haul.

Coordinate with our professional team to get support in achieving your smart goals and experiences that end in conversions.

Display Ads

Grow revenue and increase the checkouts by promoting inventory to people who previously visited your website or app with highly personalized Dynamic Product Ads. We do everything right for you from creating pixels, to adding events and from building product catalogs to retargeting. Our Facebook Advertising experts manage your Dynamic Product Ads, optimize them by testing and tweaking consistantly to improve click-through and conversion rates. With concise ad copy and inspiring call to action (CTA), we ensure that people stop in their feeds and visit your website to make a purchase.

PCIS Dynamic Product Ads services are tailored for you to save time, boost ROAS, increase KPIs, and decrease CPAs.

App Promotion Ads

Capitalize on the massive and high-converting audience on Facebook by encouraging them to interact with your brand with Lead Form Ads. Customizing Facebook’s instant form that suits the specific group of people, we boost your brand awareness and create a customer base that ultimately converts into leads. Our marketing and advertising experts in Facebook Ads help you lower your overall ad costs with target audience optimization, ad relevance metrics improvisation, and the latest bidding strategies.

PCIS offers robust solutions to generate valuable leads for your eCommerce business or retail through Facebook Lead Ads.

Video Ads

Target audience on Facebook mobile feed or Instagram feeds to drive traffic, conversions, catalog sales, and store traffic with Facebook’s Collection Ads. This ad format is yielding incredibly high engagement and conversion rates. But many companies are failing to take full advantage of collection ads. We help achieve your marketing objectives by advertising your business effectively and integrating it with your social media strategy.

Our Collection Ads services help you choose featured products wisely and tell beautiful stories about your brand with inspiring videos and images. We deploy iron-clad strategies, A/B test ad elements and also inspire user-generated content to build more trust in your product, brand, or eCommerce business.

Shopping Ads

Garner huge attention to your business with Facebook Event Ads. Simply creating an event and expecting an overwhelming response doesn’t work. Whether it is your new product launch, sporting event or a trade show, PCIS Event Ads services help you promote your events effectively in Facebook news feed to get awareness, reach targeted audience and drive more response. Our dedicated team of social media experts use the Face-book selected keywords, relevant event hashtags, post exciting updates regularly with useful information.

We run retarget campaigns with Fakebook’s custom audience features, share event URL with email newsletters and even involve the influencers to share your event with their audiences to ensure your event get optimum attendance.

Local Search Ads

Get real and valuable leads and unicorn results for your business with Facebook Messenger Ads. Prioritizing your campaign objective, we help you set up Facebook Messenger Ads choosing your desired conversion location (Website, App, Messenger, WhatsApp, Calls), conduct A/B testing, set the right budget and campaign duration, provide interest piquing text descriptions, compelling creatives with eye-catchy imagery and videos to drive the desired traffic.

We further support you with our expertise in dealing with the customers who enter your funnel by responding to your ads. Our Digital Advertising services unlock everything that Facebook Messenger offers, including lead engagement through automated and manual conversations with prospectous customers, which ultimately leads to more conversions.

Call Only Ads

As per HubSpot’s survey, 70% of the people in the US prefer Facebook stories over other similar platforms. Whether your goal is higher engagement, brand exposure, or driving more sales, Facebook Stories Ads let you tap into more profits for your business. However, you need winning content to spike the interest of the customers in your product. PCIS Facebook advertising experts make your job easy with content that grabs attention and spice up your stories to stand out. We also engage your audience in your brand through polls, questions, and comments in a playful manner with stickers, emojis, and GIFs.

PCIS designs campaigns with your objective in mind and with multiple ad sets with strategies that go well with the mobile feed ads.

Smart Ad Strategies

Any strategy that allows a message to stand out from the crowd is fantastic. What matters the most is that you should have one. PCIS provides a ton of strategies to scale your Facebook Advertising Campaigns tailored to your business goals. Starting from testing new lookalike audience to new interest audience, we use several tweaks and tactics to get optimum reach and results for your Facebook Ads. Our PCIS team is well equipped not only with time-tested strategies but also innovate new ones from time to time to take your eCommerce business, service, or product in front of the billions online.

PCIS knows the strategies and secrets to generate revenue for your business on the internet. We love to foster long-term relations by building a massive portfolio of success stories by scaling your businesses with the most effective strategies.


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